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Synthetic Down Pillow Form Inserts

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Synthetic Down Alternative Pillow Form Inserts, aka faux down or micro denier

  • SIZING - Use the yellow sizing chart image to the left to select the best size insert for your sham
  • NO ALLERGENS | 100% Polyester fiber filling | Get the look and feel of a pure down pillow that is hypoallergenic | Cruelty free | No feathers to poke you
  • Ultimate in softness | Give your home's shams a touch of class that will last for years | Use this pillow insert anywhere in your home that may need a pillow... couch, love seat, beds, day beds, reading nook. You will even 
  • Shell  is made of a polyester - cotton blend | Machine washable cold | Machine dry low | Add tennis ball to drying cycle for extra fluffiness| Odorless| Fluff as needed | Lent and Dust Free
  • Proudly Made in Palmetto, GA USA from American Fibers and American made shell - Support American Manufacturing!



Finally! Quality craft pillows that are worthy of being stuffed into your beautiful pillow sham covers

Impress your Friends and Family, this pillow is made to look great in your shams!

- Ultra Soft - This pillow is made from a faux down polyester fiber (aka micro denier / down alternative) that has the same feel, weight and characteristics of traditional down, but is hypoallergenic
- No Allergens - Pillow is hypoallergenic, odorless, lint and dust free, free of flame retardant chemicals
- Karate Chop - This pillow is ultra soft and has the traditional karate chop look that comes with natural down.
- No lumps - We use a slick polyester fiber to keep the pillow's filler smooth unlike cheap pillows that use dry fibers that will quickly lump up and need replacing
- Covering - American made pillow shell from a high thread count poly cotton blended fabric, that is durable and machine washable, machine dry (cover is not removable)
- Made in USA from American Fibers and Shell

Where to use

- Use as an insert in decorative shams
- Couch shams
- Bedroom shams
- Crafting
- For sleeping
- Anywhere you need a pillow!
- Intended for indoor use


- Machine wash cold
- Tumble dry on low
- Fluff as needed


Start by measuring your shams, pull tight along the outer seam and measure corner to corner, this should be done for all sham even if size is marked
Please note your pillow insert must be larger than your sham to correctly fill the corners of the sham and give them a nice even look. Small shams 10" to 17" typically need inserts 1" larger. Larger shams 18"+ typically need inserts 2" larger
Please use yellow sizing chart in the images at the top left of this page for detailed sizing info


Size selection chart, locate your size sham and look at the column to the right for the best size insert to use.

Sham Size Insert Size   Sham Size Insert Size   Sham Size Insert Size
9x9 /10x10 10x10   13x19 13x19   20x20 22x22
10x10 / 11x11 11x11   14x14 15x15   22x22 24x24
11x11 / 12x12 12x12   15x15 16x16   24x24 26x26
12x12 13x13   16x16 17x17   25x25 27x27
12x16 12x16   16x20 16x20   26x26 28x28
12x18 12x18   16x24/26 16x26   28x28 30x30
12x24 12x24   17x17 18x18   30x30 32x32
13x13 14x14   18x18 20x20      
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