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Adjustable Side Pillow
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Comforzip Adjustable Firmness Bed Pillow

All pillows on this page come with printed bags and are recommend for hotel use or retail sales.

Comforzip - One For All 4 Way Pillow

Can you never seem to get your pillow adjusted correctly or maybe your visiting in laws are picky about their pillows? Now there is 1 pillow that is perfect for everyone, comfortzip.

Easiest To Adjust Pillowflex's 4 way adjustable firmness pillow can be made softer or firmer simply by adjusting the comforzip zipper along the edges of the pillow. Want a firmer pillow? Simply zip the cover shut. Want a softer pillow? Unzip the cover to open the edge of the pillow and make it soft. The 100% cotton adjustable shell has a zipper that goes a full 360 degrees around the inner pillow allowing you to make micro adjustments as needed. Other adjustable pillows require you to add or remove small flat pillows from the cover. Have you ever tried doing that at 3 o'clock in the morning? NO THANK YOU.

Intended Use

Great for hotels or home use.

Two Filler Options Available

Synthetic Down

The removable inner pillow is made in the USA and provides the ultimate in plush softness. The pillow is filled with 100% polyester micro fiber to give the pillow the same touch and feel as traditional down. Micro fiber is also know as down alternative or synthetic down. Never before has it been possible to get such a soft pillow that can also be made firm with 1 simple adjustment. The pillow is also hypoallergenic and cruelty free.


Still very soft but noticeably lighter and firmer filling at a more affordable price.  Highly recommended.  Made in the USA.

Sizes Available

Cut size measurements of the pillows are as follows
Standard 20x26x2 Inches
Queen 20x30x2 Inches
King 20x36x2 Inches
Standard Body Pillow 20x54x2 Inches
Queen Body Pillow 20x60x2 Inches
King Body Pillow 20x72x2 Inches

Machine Washable

Removable Cover
Cover is 100% cotton and machine washable
Inner pillow is 35/65 blend of polyester and cotton and is also machine washable, on low


Key Features 

- Adjustable Pillow
- Changeable Firmness Pillow
- Adjustable Softness Pillow
- Perfect Bed Pillow
- Contoured Height Pillow
- Custom Density Pillow
- 4 in 1 pillow
- Custom sleeping pillow
- Firm to Soft Hotel Pillow