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Fit or Free

We understand getting the correct size insert for your sham can be difficult but don't worry we've got you covered.

Step 1: Measure sham along the seam from corner to corner, please watch video below

Step 2: Using the yellow chart determine the insert you need

Step 3: Select quantity of pillows to replace

Step 4: Be sure to include your Amazon order number and your sham size and insert size you need when adding an item to the cart.

Step 5:  Do not return the original pillow(s) to Amazon.  They are considered used bedding and will be destroyed.  Please consider donating the pillow(s) to a local charity.


That is it! You are done. We will get your replacement pillow(s) out within 3 business days.

Please note that exchanges can only be made for sizes within 4 inches of purchased size & inserts of the same shape and style.


Need additional assistance? Use the chat feature below or email us at info@pillowflex.com

Please call us for assistance if Amazon sent you the incorrect pillow(s)

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    1. Amazon / Esty Order #

    2. Your sham size

    3. Insert Size Needed

Selecting the correct size

Click here if you are having trouble viewing the video
Size Selection Chart

Sham Size

Insert Size

9x9 / 10x10 10x10
10x10 11x11
12x12 13x13
12x16 12x16
12x18 12x18
12x24 12x24
13x13 14x14
13x19 13x19
14x14 15x15
14x36 14x36
15x15 16x16
16x16 17x17
17x17 18x18
18x18 20x20
20x20 22x22
22x22 24x24
24x24 26x26
25x25 27x27
26x26 28x28
28x28 30x30

*Terms and Conditions: Exchanges are limited to 1 order (if the order has multiple pillows that need replacing please indicate that in your order)

You are limited to a one time exchange per customer.

If you try to make a 2nd exchange, the order will get canceled.

The Fit or Free shipping charges are not refundable.

Wholesale orders are not eligible for the Fit or Free Pillow Exchange