Tax Exempt

Tax Information

You must submit a signed form and be approved before a tax exempt order can be placed, once you pay the tax whether tax exempt or not Pillowflex cannot issue you a refund for the taxes on a taxed order.  

Tax rates are determined by the shipping address of an order.

State laws require Pillowflex to have exemption certificates from all customers who claim a tax exemption. If the exemption certificate is not received, Pillowflex is required by law to charge tax in the states listed below.

If your business qualifies for a tax exemption, a properly completed exemption certificate must be submitted to Pillowflex’s Tax Department. Once we have received your exemption certificate(s), your account will be updated within one business day.  All certificates requiring a signature must be ***physically signed***.

If the certificate is processed before your order invoices, the tax will be adjusted based on the certificate. Pillowflex is unable to issue credits of tax on an already invoiced order.

If the exemption certificate received is incomplete, a Pillowflex Tax Specialist will contact you with the details needed to complete the certificate.

1. You must have an online account before beginning, if you need to register please click register from the top row of links on this page. 

2. Download and complete a Tax Exemption Certificate for your state from the list below.
3. To submit a completed Tax Exemption Certificate via email info@pillowflex.com (please send from the same email that is associated with your account) or fax 770-463-9897

4. Allow one business day for your request to be processed

Please click your state to download a sales tax exemption form 






New York


West Virginia


All Other States



Please don't hesitate to contact a Pillowflex Tax Representative at info@pillowflex.com or 770-463-2346. We are available Monday - Friday, 8am – 4:00pm EST and will respond promptly to your request.