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Polyester Batting
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Polyester Fiber Filler


We offer three types of fiber fill

  • Virgin White (Conjugate) fiber, provides the best loft and is the same that we use in our machine washable and indoor out door inserts
  • Synthetic Down fiber, is the softest fiber we offer and has the fill and texture of traditional down in your pillows.  Note that the fiber sticks to cloth and can be DIFFICULT to work with, we only recommend using this fiber if you know what you are getting into.  This is the same fiber we use in our Synthetic Down Inserts.
  • Plush Fiber is the fiber we use in our plush pillows.  This fiber is great for filling out the corners of your project.  Note this fiber is not as easy to work with at the Virgin White Conjugate as it's static tension can cause it to stick to cloth.