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Synthetic Down Pillow Insert
Synthetic Down Pillow Insert
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Down Alternative Pillow Insert
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Synthetic Down Alternative Insert

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61 reviews
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Synthetic Down Alternative Pillow Form Inserts, aka faux down or micro denier

  • SIZING - Use the yellow sizing chart image to select the best size insert for your sham
  • NO ALLERGENS | 100% Polyester fiber filling | Get the look and feel of a pure down pillow that is hypoallergenic | Cruelty free | No feathers to poke you
  • Ultimate in softness | Give your home's shams a touch of class that will last for years
  • Use this pillow insert anywhere in your home that may need a pillow... couch, love seat, beds, day beds, reading nook.
  • Shell is made of a polyester - cotton blend | Machine washable cold | Machine dry low | Add tennis ball to drying cycle for extra fluffiness| Odorless| Fluff as needed | Lint and Dust Free
  • Proudly Made in Palmetto, GA USA from American Fibers and American made shell - Support American Manufacturing!

Finally! Quality craft pillows that are worthy of being stuffed into your beautiful pillow sham covers

Impress your customers, this pillow is made to look great in your shams!

  • Ultra Soft - This pillow is made from a faux down polyester fiber (aka micro denier / down alternative) that has the same feel, weight and characteristics of traditional down, but is hypoallergenic
  • No Allergens - Pillow is hypoallergenic, odorless, lint and dust free, free of flame retardant chemicals
  • Karate Chop - This pillow is ultra soft and has the traditional karate chop look that comes with natural down.
  • Fibers are ultra soft for high end pillows
  • No lumps - We use a slick polyester fiber to keep the pillow's filler smooth unlike cheap pillows that use dry fibers that will quickly lump up and need replacing
  • Covering - American made pillow shell from a high thread count poly cotton blended fabric, that is durable and machine washable, machine dry (cover is not removable)
  • Made in USA from American Fibers and Shell

Where to use

  • Use as an insert in decorative shams
  • Couch shams
  • Bedroom shams
  • Crafting
  • For sleeping
  • Anywhere you need a pillow!
  • Intended for indoor use


  • Machine wash cold
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Fluff as needed

Sizing Start by measuring your shams, pull tight along the outer seam and measure corner to corner, this should be done for all sham even if size is marked Please note your insert must be larger than your sham to correctly fill the corners of the sham and give them a nice even look. Small shams 10” to 17” typically need inserts 1” larger. Larger shams 18”+ typically need inserts 2” larger Please use yellow sizing chart in the images at the top left of this page for detailed sizing info


Size Selection Chart

Sham Size

Insert Size

9x9 / 10x10 10x10
10x10 11x11
12x12 13x13
12x16 12x16
12x18 12x18
12x24 12x24
13x13 14x14
13x19 13x19
14x14 15x15
14x36 14x36
15x15 16x16
16x16 17x17
17x17 18x18
18x18 20x20
20x20 22x22
22x22 24x24
24x24 26x26
25x25 27x27
26x26 28x28
28x28 30x30

Selecting the correct size

Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
Average rating:
61 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
I have purchased the pillowflex down alternative pillow inserts and I love them. If you follow the directions for sizing you will get a nice plump fit and this material holds the chop if you are looking for that...just be sure that your cover is not too snug. The insert cover material is white, very smooth and tightly woven so it easily slides into the pillow cover. There is no odor. The filling extends to the corners for a nice full look. I put mine in the dryer on air fluff for ten minutes and it puffed right up. Highly recommend these inserts. I plan on buying them for my pillow covers from now on. Made in USA is a priority for me and I’m thrilled to be able to purchase such excellent quality. If you purchase one of these you will never go the cheap imported route again!
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
Another home run!
I’m so happy with these pillow inserts. They are reasonably priced, generously sized, soft but firm and hold a karate chop perfectly. I use them as sham stuffers and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an insert that is a down alternative. I personally think these respond better than down because they do not go flat . I make purchasing USA made goods a priority and I was so happy to find pillow Flex! This was not my first order and it will not be my last. I plan on replacing every down insert I own! Don’t hesitate to buy them.
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
Amazing Inserts
I am a small Etsy shop owner of custom designed pillow covers. I had tried some Amazon inserts for a similar price but they were worn out after about a month. Pillowflex down alternative inserts are excellent quality, great, sturdy feel, soft and luxurious quality. We have little children and these inserts have held up well and I’ve gotten great feedback from my customers. These inserts are an excellent price for the quality. I also like supporting family owned businesses with USA made products! Thank you, Pillowflex!
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
Great Pillow
I love these pillows! One thing I do wish is that on all of your pillows, there would be sizes on the tags. We have to measure them if they get mixed up and have accidentally sent out wrong sizes to customers. I noticed that all of our pillow inserts that we have used from other companies include this so it would be nice to add sizes to these as we have now exclusively started selling your pillow inserts. Thank you so much!
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
Best Down Alternative Ever
I love using feathers for my pillows but have not found feathers for the smaller sized pillows I make. When I tried these down alternative inserts I was HOOKED! They are heavy and feel like they are made of feathers so they feel the same squishy, goodness as my larger pillows that do have feathers. And the price is affordable too so it's a total win-win!
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
Pillow Inserts
I have been purchasing inserts from Pillowflex for several years now for my custom pillows I make for my customers. It's the only source I trust to have high quality inserts time after time. I recommend you try this family owned business out for your next pillow insert purchase. You'll be as pleased as I am.
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
The best pillow insert!
The synthetic down insert is the best pillow insert by far. I have replaced all my throw pillow inserts with them. It has the weight you like a pillow to have but is soft enough to lean back on and be comfortable. They are also machine washable! The BEST! Use the guide provided and it works out perfectly!
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
The Best!
I love your synthetic down alternative pillow fills! They are perfect for my product and I always get fabulous response from customers who lift my pillows - they love how heavy they are - they are the best! Nad otheyhold up forever! Love them! Thanks for working with me and helping me launch my dream!
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
Best down alternative pillows
I use these for my handmade pillow shop. I make pillow covers and buy these for the inserts. These are really good quality and just about the only inserts I like. I usually get the pillows pretty quickly too! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on how nice these pillows are.
Synthetic Down Alternative Insert
The Best
I have been ordering pillow inserts from here for a long time now and wouldn't have it any other way! Their synthetic down inserts are the best! I make custom pillow covers for them and my customers always rave about how nice the inserts are!