Plush Recycled Pillows

Plush Recycled Pillows

You should buy a pillow made from recycled plastic, it is good for the environment.

Soft and Plush Pillowflex Pillow Inserts made from recycled plastic bottles.  Help the environment by using recycled polyester fibers Plastic bottles are cleaned, then shredded into pellets.  Pellets are melted down and spun into new polyester fibers .  Keep oceans cleanBenefits of recycled polyester, sustainably sourced, reduces reliance on petroleum and green house gases, less energy to produce Recycled polyester has the same performance as virgin fiber.  Similarly priced to virgin fibers with less volatility in price changesEco Friendly pillow insert same quality as virgin fiber but better for the environment.  Once fiber is respun it is considered a new product

Plush Machine Washable Pillow Inserts

  • The perfect go between for softness and price  compared to our Synthetic Down Inserts and our Poly Cotton Inserts
  • Very soft - Give your shams the softest feel without the weight of synthetic down
  • Smooth - The fiber in this pillow has a low denier which keeps it from lumping and keeps your shams looking nice and smooth 
  • Full corners - The smooth soft fiber of this pillow makes getting fiber into the corners of your sham easier with less fluffing 
  • Shell is made of a Polyester - Cotton blend and provides a high quality look and feel your customers will appreciate / Shell is made in USA
  • Machine Washable / Odorless / Hypoallergenic / Lent and Dust Free
  • Bulk Packaged
  • Made in USA

What is recycled polyester fiber?

  • Recycled polyester fiber is an ALL NEW MATERIAL made from cleaned plastic, typically bottles. 
  • Recycled polyester fiber is typically known as "Regen Fiber" short for "Regenerated Fiber"
  • First the bottles are cleaned.
  • Then shredded into small pellets.
  • The pellets are melted and all impurities are removed.
  • Melted plastic is spun into new polyester fibers.

Is recycled polyester fiber safe?

  • Yes, once plastic is collected is it washed.
  • Once plastic is melted, any remaining contaminates are removed from plastic.
  • Melted plastic is spun into polyester at which point the fibers are consider a new material under U.S. federal law.

How does recycled polyester fiber help the environment?

  • Unlike virgin polyester fiber that is a petroleum product and must be pumped from the ground, used plastic bottles have already been processed and would otherwise be discarded.
  • The process to change oil into polyester fiber requires much more energy than simply reusing existing plastic.
  • Recycled polyester fibers save plastic bottles from entering landfills or the World's oceans.
  • Approximately six plastic bottles will make one pound of polyester fiber that can be used to make pillow fillings.

How does recycled polyester fiber compare to virgin polyester fiber?

  • For the average consumer, there is no way to tell the difference.
  • The weights and loft are the same or better
  • We have experimented with many fibers in Pillowflex's 40 years of operation and we consider this to be the best fiber we have used.  It is softer, has better loft and last longer than any virgin fibers we have used.
  • Since the price of virgin fiber is based on the cost of a barrel of oil, the price of recycled polyester is more stable than virgin fibers.
  • The only noticeable difference is that the trained eye may notice virgin fiber is slightly whiter.

Impress your customers and make your pillows and shams stand out, this pillow is made to look great in your shams!

  • Medium Loft - We start by using top quality American made filler to give your pillows great look for years to come!
  • No lumps - This pillow's fiber is smooth and soft and requires very little fluffing and is ready to use right out of the box.  
  • This pillow is nice and soft
  • Hypoallergenic - This pillow is hypoallergenic, odorless, lint and dust free, free of flame retardant chemicals
  • Covering - We use an American made pillow shell from a high thread count poly cotton blended fabric, that is durable and machine washable (cover is not removable)
  • Made in USA

Where to use

  • Use as an insert in decorative shams
  • Couch shams
  • Bedroom shams
  • Sleeping
  • Crafting
  • Anywhere you need a pillow!
  • Intended for indoor use

Care Machine

  • wash cold on delicate setting
  • Tumble dry on low / use tennis balls in drier to restore fluffiness 
  • Fluff as needed