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Plush Machine Washable Pillow Inserts
Plush Machine Washable Pillow Inserts
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Plush Inserts / Machine Washable

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Plush Machine Washable Cloth Inserts


  • High Thread Count covering
  • Plush and soft
  • Medium loft 
  • More resistant to lumping
  • 100% pure polyester fiberfill filling
  • Non-allergenic
  • Machine Washable
  • Indoor use only
Plush Machine Washable Pillow Insert

Plush Machine Washable Pillow Inserts

  • Use the yellow sizing chart below to select the best size insert for your sham
  • The perfect go between for softness and price  compared to our Synthetic Down Inserts and our Poly Cotton Inserts
  • Very soft - Give your shams the softest feel without the weight of synthetic down
  • Smooth - The fiber in this pillow has a low denier which keeps it from lumping and keeps your shams looking nice and smooth 
  • Full corners - The smooth soft fiber of this pillow makes getting fiber into the corners of your sham easier with less fluffing 
  • 100% Polyester fiber filling / Shell is made of a Polyester - Cotton blend and provides a high quality look and feel your customers will appreciate / Shell and Fiber are made in USA
  • Machine Washable / Odorless / Hypoallergenic / Lent and Dust Free
  • Bulk Packaged
  • Made in USA

Finally! Quality craft pillows that are worthy of being stuffed into your beautiful pillow sham covers

Impress your customers and make your pillows and shams stand out, this pillow is made to look great in your shams!

  • Medium Loft - We start by using top quality American made filler to give your pillows great look for years to come!
  • No lumps - This pillow's fiber is smooth and soft and requires very little fluffing and is ready to use right out of the box.  
  • This pillow is nice and soft
  • Hypoallergenic - This pillow is hypoallergenic, odorless, lint and dust free, free of flame retardant chemicals
  • Covering - We use an American made pillow shell from a high thread count poly cotton blended fabric, that is durable and machine washable (cover is not removable)
  • Made in USA

Where to use

  • Use as an insert in decorative shams
  • Couch shams
  • Bedroom shams
  • Sleeping
  • Crafting
  • Anywhere you need a pillow!
  • Intended for indoor use

Care Machine

  • wash cold on delicate setting
  • Tumble dry on low / use tennis balls in drier to restore fluffiness 
  • Fluff as needed


Start by  measuring your shams.  To measure your shams, pull tight along the outer seam and measure corner to corner.  This should be done for all shams even if the size is marked.  Please note your insert must be larger than your sham to correctly fill the corners of the sham and give them a nice even look. Small shams 10" to 17" typically need inserts 1" larger. Larger shams 18"+ typically need inserts 2" larger.  Please use yellow sizing chart below.


Size Selection Chart

Sham Size

Insert Size

9x9 / 10x10 10x10
10x10 11x11
12x12 13x13
12x16 12x16
12x18 12x18
12x24 12x24
13x13 14x14
13x19 13x19
14x14 15x15
14x36 14x36
15x15 16x16
16x16 17x17
17x17 18x18
18x18 20x20
20x20 22x22
22x22 24x24
24x24 26x26
25x25 27x27
26x26 28x28
28x28 30x30

Selecting the correct size

Average rating:
57 reviews

Read all reviews

Featured positive reviews:

Nice insert 09/30/2021
By Celina Mancurti
I will recommend this insert.
Nice insert 01/27/2022
By Celina Mancurti
I have been purchasing these inserts for over 5 years. The two I have in my home are 4 years old, sit on the two chairs that get used every day - many times a day- and have retained their shape perfectly. They are heavier than real down or poly fill but so soft yet substantial suppport.
I have also purchased the feather/down inserts and the poly. Both are great although the feather inserts went a bit €œflat” within 4 years with frequent use. I work at an upholstery shop and these are our inserts of choice. Only con is the cost of shipping! That tends to almost double the price
IMPORTANT TO NEW BUYERS: Use the recommended sizing chart to avoid disappointing results!
Quality Product as Always 06/08/2020
By Sara Bruce
I have ordered 100's of pillow forms from Pillowflex. Shipping is always fast, communication and updates are great. Best of all the quality of the forms beats anything else I have been able to find and the price sure cannot be beat. My customers are always commenting on how plush and comfortable the pillows are, and they hold up as we still use the first one I ever ordered several years later. Thank you for a quality product, great pricing, and such a professional business to deal with. I will be a return customer for years to come.
Wonderful product 05/21/2019
By Yevgeniya Crespo
I've tried many places before i found Pillowflex, and i dont think i'm ever changing my supplier! They have been great! They are so easy to get in touch with. Once i needed my order to be shipped ASAP and it was the easiest process. I just called, explaind the situation, and i had my pillows in 2 days. Oh, and the quality is outstanding! I have a very small business, and all of my customers pretty much become my friends, and its very helpful that im certain that one thing i dont make myself is great quality Thank you for everything!
Owner 07/26/2019
By Gina Richer
I have found Pillowflex to be the best in their field. I’ve been ordering pillow forms for years and always know that I Will receive the quality product I ordered with a quick delivery.
The prices are very reasonable and follow up on delivery is excellent. Since the first time I have ordered from Pillowflex, although I have checked out other companies, I have not had the need to go elsewhere. I trust that Pillowflex provides me with the pillow forms I need to make beautiful pillows for my retail store.
Thank you Pillowflex!
Plush Insert Review 07/26/2019
By Paula Anne Smith
Having only found you this year, I have only ordered 6 cases of pillows. I love the cover of this pillow, but I feel it doesn't have enough fill in it. I've bounced back and forth between this and another insert.
I am very pleased with customer service and their ability to help and answer questions. I will be a repeat customer for sure.
Great inserts 08/30/2019
By Jennifer Gladden
These inserts were exactly what I needed for use with my Etsy handmade business. Shipping was fast and the inserts arrived all intact and in good condition. The size chart is very accurate, and the 18x18 was the exact size I need to ensure my pillows were filled out and plush. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.
Great product, made in USA 07/26/2019
By Sara
I have been using these pillows for several years and have ordered hundreds of them for projects. The quality is great, they are soft, and last. I get many compliments in the quality of pillow forms I use and that is all thanks to Pillowflex! Pricing is great and you have options to order more plush pillows if you desire.
Great Pillows Forms 10/29/2021
By Paula Anne Smith
I've been using Pillowflex pillows for a few years now. I love the product and the company. I've spoken with the owner when there were some questions, and I've dealt with customer service. I've never had a problem. My orders are delivered quickly and my customers love the forms. Thank you PillowFlex!
My go to! 05/18/2019
By Kylie Palmer
These are my favorite pillow inserts to work with. I love the plushness of them. Such high quality! As a business owner who makes and sells pillow covers for a living, this is a wonderful company to work with and i have never been disappointed in any of the thousands of inserts I've received.